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Anime Vision's News and Updates

 Update: 10.27.00
We'll people i guess this is good bye for my site. It's alot of work doing this by myself so i decided to join my friend's site. Maybe you guys heard of him, his site is called "Anime Takeover" Im gonna be working as a co-webmaster for that page from now on. I would like to thank all those people who came to my site and i hope you guys enjoyed it. Why not stop by "Anime Takeover"? its an awesome site and i'll problably post one more update once "Anime Takeover" moves its stuff to another server. Lates!

 Update: 09.24.00
Well i hate to say this guys but i can't do anything with my page until i get new staff members! School had hit me hard and i seriously can't keep up with both. So what im asking is to those out there who want to become an Anime Vision Staff Member please drop me a line through E-Mail or contact me through my IM Contants. Please specify what can you help out with my site, (for example: Anime Reviewer, Game Reviewer, Multimedia Finder, or even if you just got a bunch of anime stuff you can pass up). I will also give credit for all the help you can provide. Thanks all!

 Update: 09.09.00
Well guys, school is not helping me one bit to get this moving buisness on the fast lane. Hopefully i'll be able to get this over with this weekend. I got two new affiliates, Anime-Jin and Anime World. Check them out! Im gonna work to get the whole moving thing out of the way and inform you guys once im done and give you guys my new url. Lates!

 Update: 09.03.00
Well guys it finally happened! I got a host! Thanks to the awesome DB Wave. But it will take a while before i move all my stuff to my new page so i will continue to post updates for a while. So guys stay tuned cause once i move things will only get better! I am interested in your own Fan Art and/or Fan Fics that you may have so i can post them on my site. If it's cool i will put it up ASAP and give you credit (and a link from my page to your if you have a website). Also for all you webmasters i am closing my doors for button affiliates and will only affiliate through link text, sorry. Well all for now laterz!

 Update: 09.03.00
Small Update for you guys. This update goes out for those Dragon Ball fans out there. Cartoon Network will be coming out with brand new unseen episodes of DBZ starting Sept.4th for me thats tommorrow. So make sure to tune in! Also i got a brand new affiliate Saiya-Jin Universe a cool Dragon Ball Site! So check it out! Bye all!

 Update: 09.03.00
Supperz people! We'll i've had a few hosting offers so i can finally move to a place where they will give me more space and all that good stuff. I know some of you must be waiting for the damn Multimedia section to finally open up and i apoligize for that. I want to open it already myself but tripod can't handle big files and i can't upload my movies, mp3s etc. But fear not! Once i move that will all change, i will make it my number 1 priority to put that section up! I got lots of goodies for all who will wait patiently for them and stay with me here ti'll i move. Oh, i also joined Anime Top 500 so please take a moment to vote for me. Thanks All!

 Update: 08.28.00
Hello new layout! Man it was long endless hours but i did it! Hopefully i didn't run into any mistakes on the way but if i did please E-Mail me with the problem. I'll be on that problem like ketchup on toast! Now maybe i can get a host! I need a host NOW!!! Someone save me from TRIPOD! E-Mail me if your interested. Thanks on bunch!

 Update: 08.26.00
Sorry about the long wait but i've been working on the new layout for Anime Vision. This site might be moving soon is all goes well. Also there are a few new image galleries up and running: Slayers, Dirty Pair Flash, and El-Hazard. Well things are gonna run a bit on the slow side because i am working hard to get this layout going and getting my stuff ready just in case i do move my site. Thanks People.


While i wait patiently to see how the hosting thing comes along i would like to hear from you guys. Im interested in Fan Art and Fan Fics. If you guys got any Fan Art or Fan Fics please feel free to E-Mail them to me and i'll be happy to put them up! I'll also give you credit and supply you with a link from my page to your (if you have a page).
Thanks All!

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