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Anime Vision's News and Updates

 Update: 08.28.00
Hello new layout! Man it was long endless hours but i did it! Hopefully i didn't run into any mistakes on the way but if i did please E-Mail me with the problem. I'll be on that problem like ketchup on toast! Now maybe i can get a host! I need a host NOW!!! Someone save me from TRIPOD! E-Mail me if your interested. Thanks on bunch!

 Update: 08.26.00
Sorry about the long wait but i've been working on the new layout for Anime Vision. This site might be moving soon is all goes well. Also there are a few new image galleries up and running: Slayers, Dirty Pair Flash, and El-Hazard. Well things are gonna run a bit on the slow side because i am working hard to get this layout going and getting my stuff ready just in case i do move my site. Thanks People.


This is what will been known as the new Anime Vision layout. There will be news on here of new stuff on the page and so on. If you have any questions please
E-mail me at Thanks!

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